Step 1
Create a New Issue .

Step 2

Click Upload

Step 3

Click  Add issue date, choose the date and click  Save

Step 4
Click  Schedule a publishing time. Choose a publishing time and click  Save .

Step 5

 Go to the articles that you want to add and click   Curated by Alore-chrome extension

A popup  appears having fields-
(i) Title of Article

(ii) Description

(iii) Category

(iv) issue

(v) Image.

The Title of the Article, Description and the Image is auto populated.
Description- you have the option of changing and writing your own description. Click  Save. 

Similarly , add other articled to your curated list. A total of 5 to 8 articles are good enough for any curated News letter.

Step 6
Go to home page and Click  Add list of articles
A popup appears having the list of the saved articles. 

Step 7
Click  Hide columns. A drop down menu appears with the following fields-
Article URLS
Publication date

 Click on the fields that you want to capture

Step 8
Select the articles you want to publish . Click -Add to issue button.

Step 9
After adding the” Cover Image”, “Issue date” and “schedule a publishing time”, click on Unpublish Radiobutton at top right corner.

Step 10
A popup opens with options. Click  yes ,publish it, to publish your curated issue.

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