Why should you integrate with Facebook?

Integrating with Facebook helps you publish curated issues to your Facebook account and increase engagement with your audience and increase the reach of your publication.

How to integrate with Facebook?

Step 1
Click Facebook under Settings on left hand navigation bar

Step 2

A new page will open with option to  Integrate with Facebook. A message will be displayed indicating you have not integrated with Twitter.

You can either click on Integrate button or the hyperlink with anchor tag "Click"
Imp: If you have already integrated with Facebook, delete integration button will come.

Step 3
A new tab will open prompting you to log into Facebook and authorise Curated by Alore app on Twitter to post on your behalf. Please authorise it.

The tab will close on its own and you will be back to your previous tab ( Curated by Alore's tab) 

Step 4
The Page will get refreshed and will show the integration details. It will also you info that we are collecting from Facebook. In case of Facebook we are collecting only permission post on your behalf and not your email address or contacts. 

You are all set to publish or schedule to publish curated issues on Facebook now

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