Integrating your  Outlook or Outlook 365 with Alore CRM requires only two clicks. You can link your email accounts and get notifications related to every email sent or replied to by your prospects.

Step 1
After you have confirmed your sign up via email, you will arrive at the email integration page.  Please click on the Outlook icon as shown below.

Step 2
A new tab will open and will ask you to either choose an account that you want to integrate or sign into an account that you want to integrate. NB: Please do not close this tab.

Click on the account of your choice (if you are already signed into the browser and have an active session) or sign into a new account.

Step 3
Outlook will ask for permission to allow the Alore CRM app to :

  • Read, send, delete, and manage your email (to read emails, analyse and manage leads via Artificial Intelligence and show your communication history with a prospect) 
  • Send email on your behalf (to help us send drip campaigns on your behalf)
  • Manage your contacts (to add your contacts to your prospect list)

Click on "Allow"

Step 4
The tab will close
and take you to the previous tab. You will get a confirmation (as shown below) and then you'll be directed to the Setup Wizard

Note: If you have already integrated your Outlook or Outlook 365 account with Alore CRM, you will need to delete this integration

Note: If you don't remember your password and can't authorise Alore CRM app, you won't be able to complete the integration 

Note: if you want to delete or edit the email integration, you can do by :

a) clicking on setup wizard >> Account set up >> Mail integration >> Edit

b) clicking on profile >> mail integration >> delete or edit

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