Customize your pipeline to match your sales process.

Whether you have an established sales process or you’re starting from scratch, Alore CRM makes it easy to create your ideal process.

Add, edit, and delete deal stages and properties without help from IT, and push deals forward by assigning tasks to your team. Then drag and drop deals between stages when they’re successful.

When you take control of your pipeline, you can focus on the deals that matter.

Step 1

Navigate to Home Feed and click on "all deals" under "View" section.

You will find all deal stages are listed there. Navigate through the left and right arrow keys to see all deal stages.

Step 2

Pick a prospect whose deal stage you want to change. Along with the prospect name, deal associated with the prospect will also be displayed there.

Drag your prospect and drop it to the deal stage according to your preference.

Your deal stage has been changed successfully.

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