Sending an email to multiple recipients? Most email tools only show you that the email has been opened—but not who opened it, whether the email has been delivered or not, etc. With Alore, you can see exactly who opened your email, how many of them replied, how many email ids were invalid which caused high bounce rate, etc

Use email tracks to single out which sequences are working the hardest for you.

Step 1

Navigate to "Home Feed" and click on "all Campaigns" under View section.

Step 2

Click on the campaign whose data records you want to analyze.

Step 3

We provide you with 4 metrics through which you can analyze your campaign based on different constraints like bounce rate, open rate, reply rate, effectiveness, etc.

a) It gives you an overall distribution of the number of emails that were replied, auto replied, not replied, bounced or those that are still to be delivered. Data of each email that was sent (Mail1, Mail2, Mail3,..) is displayed individually.

b) Open, click, and reply data helps you hone in on which email templates and sequences are most effective, so you can optimize your emails to get the best results.

Each email has its different sets of data that is evaluated based on 3 constraints:

    i) Deliverability: the set of data in deliverability gives you an insight of validity of your data set. Higher the number of bounce rate, more you have to pay attention towards your data set.

   ii) Effectiveness: the set of data in effectiveness gives you an insight of how effective or catchy your subject line was, that made them open your mail. 

  iii) Interest Level: the set of data in interest level gives you an insight of how effective your content was, that made the prospect to reply back with either a positive or a negative reply. Based on the reply received, Alore Assistant segregates records into interested, not interested or maybe category.

c) Decay rate (Opening Mail)

It is defined as the number of emails opened by the prospect over a specific bracket of time

d) Decay rate (Reply)

It is defined as the number of replies by the prospects over a specific bracket of time. Reply rate actually lets you know even though the prospect has opened the email but the reply was made at the same time or later on.

These information collected can be used to calculate key performance indicators that you can use to assess campaign performance.

e) Sent VS Open VS Reply

The same data is represented through graph comparing the data set for better understanding. 

The same way data set for Email2 and Email3 are shown:



Step 4

Scroll down and you'll see search bar where you can search by name, email id or domain name. 

Click on attributes lined up above search bar, to see specific prospects which are active, blacklisted, etc.

Change campaign status of individual prospects from the drop-down under campaign status in the table. Change it from active to blacklisted.

Note: changed campaign status for that prospect will only be changed for that particular campaign only.

With per-campaign analytics, you're always on top of your outreach - knowing exactly how you're doing and how you can make it even better. Once you’ve pinpointed your best sequences, share them with the rest of your team to scale efficiency.

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