It’s important to be aware of what salespeople see as their chief obstacles–especially during a tough economic environment that is making their jobs especially challenging.

Alore allows you to add a list of all possible reasons for the deal loss.
It allows you to edit/delete your lost deal reasons anytime you want to according to your requirements.

Editing the reason 


Step 1

Navigate to Home Feed and click on "Lost deal reasons" under "Create or Edit or Set" section.

Step 2

Click on "Edit icon" under Edit column.

Step 3

Edit your reason as per your preference.

Step 4

Click on "Save".

Your edited lost deal reason is saved successfully.


Deleting a reason

Step 1

Navigate to Lost deal reason screen as shown in Step 1 of section Editing the reason.

Step 2

Click on "Delete icon" under delete column.

Step 3

Confirm by clicking "Yes".

Your lost deal reason is deleted successfully.

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