As a sales or customer service manager, you need to ensure tasks are completed on time and your team is as productive and efficient as possible.

Alore CRM includes productivity analysis tools designed for managers like you to track and measure your team’s progress and ensure you’re getting the desired results.

Step 1

Hover mouse over "Analysis" and click on "Productivity".

Step 2

Monitor your personal productivity by clicking on "Personal".

If you want to monitor your team's productivity, click "Team".

All your team members name will be listed out. You can select anyone and monitor his/her performance.

We provide you with 2 metrics that saves time in gathering information regarding different modes of prospecting.  

a) Prospect Source

Prospect source metric displays the total number of prospects, be it verified, invalid, already added, etc and through which mode they have been added, via Alore Email Finder Extension Tool, Single search or Bulk Upload individually.

This metric provides you with good success criteria based on the records and what strategies should be applied to reach those success criteria.

b) Success Rate

Success Rate metric compares the number of prospects that are being searched with the number of verified email ids found from those searches. 

Productivity not only helps you to take smart decisions but also helps you in dedicating more time to selling and less to prospecting. 

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