See all sales activity for each member of your team. Emails sent, number of calls made (new+existing), minutes spent talking to prospects and more. Get a big picture understanding of your entire team’s activity for any given time period.

We help you to keep a close eye on the metrics that matter.

Step 1

Hover mouse over "Reporting" and click on "Sales Target".

Step 2

Monitor your personal performance by clicking on "Personal".

If you want to monitor your team's performance, click "Team".

All your team members name will be listed out. You can select anyone and monitor his/her performance.

Step 3

We provide you with 6 different metrics through which you can monitor your as well your team members performance.

a) Sales Source

Shows you the average duration time of calls made. This will help you in monitoring on how much time is spent on making quality calls by each salesperson.

Built-in chart not only helps you to visualize your call data but also helps you in figuring out on how to provide a better customer experience.

b) Number of calls made

This graph saves your time with automatic call logging. Keeping an eye on your team members by closely monitoring the number of new and existing calls made on daily basis gives you an insight of are they achieving their assigned target or not.

c) Prospect added

The number of prospects that should be added according to your assigned sales target is automatically updated in this graph. You can go through the total number of prospects added on daily basis.

d) Emails Drip Campaign

This graph helps you monitor the total number of emails sent covering every drip campaign that you have started. 

e) Number of deals added (Added VS Closed)

By identifying where in your pipeline potential revenue is piling up, you can rally your team around the right deals.

Measure your team’s performance on monthly basis and gain a better understanding of your pipeline. 

f) Volume of deals (Added VS Closed)

On every deal that is being added or closed by any of your team members, Alore automatically updates the revenue generated from that deal. It saves your time from manually entering deals and their revenue where you can see them being updated automatically.

Monitoring your sales target performance will help you gain more insights on how your team is performing and what are the loop holes that might lead you to downfall. Manage your team's performance and based on the data provided by Alore look for more effective strategies that will lift up the performance of you and your team.

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