Alore CRM call log will help you keep a real time track record of how times a prospect has been contacted, minutes spent talking to a prospect, date that prospect was contacted, etc.

Step 1

Hover mouse over "Analysis" and click on "Call log".

Step 2

Monitor your personal performance by clicking on "Personal".

If you want to monitor your team's performance, click "Team".

All your team members name will be listed out. You can select anyone and monitor his/her performance.

Step 3

We provide you with 2 different metrics through which you can monitor your as well as your team members performance. 

These metrics track and record:

a) Call type & duration

Track and monitor time spent talking to prospects via new calls or existing calls separately. 

b) Number of calls made (New & Existing)

Graphs compare the number of news calls made with that of existing calls on daily basis. 

Step 4

In case you want to search individual call log, enter the name of the person and all the details will be displayed in the table given below. 

Name of the person whom you have called; email id; phone number; was it a missed call, new call or a follow-up call; etc will be displayed at one place.

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