Yes! You can pull specific contacts into lists according to the number of attributes you choose. With our new version, you can find the number of Opens, Replies, even Opt-outs, part of the campaign, deal type, deal stage, etc of each contact in the chosen list. You can have the same contact in as many lists as you would like.

Step 1

Click on "A new Audience" in the section "Add".

Step 2

Click on "Create Audience".

Step 3

List of attributes will show on the right-hand side of the page. You can pull out contacts based on the attributes.

Step 4

Name your custom audience list.

Step 5

Click on "Create Audience".

Step 6

Confirm it by clicking "Ok".

Step 7

Your custom audience list is created. Click on "View List" to go through your list that has been created.

Step 8

If you are not satisfied with the list that you have created or have missed out with other attributes, you can always delete the list but Alore will alert you with the possibilities that you might face when you delete the list.

Confirm it by clicking "Yes delete [Custom_Audience_List_Name]".

This is how you can create your own custom audience list and can use it directly while drafting a campaign.

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