Alore CRM helps you to personalize your email, filter out leads who will be most receptive to it, and exclude everyone else. We enable you to send bulk emails to very granular custom lead lists that fit a specific profile, not just static lead lists. You can optimize emails to arrive at the perfect time without compromising your own work schedule.  

You or any of your team member can easily start a drip campaign and send it to the custom list of prospects.

Click on "A New Campaign" in the section "Send".

Customizing your email

The column on the left helps you in customizing your email. To start the campaign smoothly it is important to complete all steps that are discussed below.

Step 1

Click on "Prospects to send".

Step 2

It will ask you to choose whether you want to add prospects manually or from the database.

a) Adding prospects from database

     i) Click on "Add from existing list of prospects".

    ii) There is a number of options you can add prospects from. You can directly choose an entire list of prospects that were initially bulk uploaded. 

You can add prospects based on their status

Select prospects based on through which mode they being added. To simplify your selection we also provide you an option where you can select prospects based on the time period when they were being added.

There might be a possibility where you want the same set of prospects that were used for earlier campaigns. In that case, you can choose them directly under "Choose by campaigns". All campaigns name will be listed there and you can select any of them according to your requirements.

  Alore also provides you with an option of the manual search. You can search your particular prospect by name, domain name or email id.

Select prospects once the result is listed.

Click "Add" so that they can be added to existing list of selected prospects.

    iii) Click on "View List" to view an entire list of prospects that you have selected before finalizing the list. 

    iv) Click on "Add More" if you wish to add more prospects. It will navigate you back to Step (ii) under section (a).

If you are satisfied with the list, skip this step and click "Ok". It will navigate you back to where you were customizing your email.

b) Adding prospects manually 

   i) Click on "Add a new set of Prospects".

    ii) Choose any mode of adding a prospect.

[Read more on Adding email id via single search and Bulk Upload]

Note: If you are bulk uploading your list of prospects, don't panic if you do not see the same number of prospects as in your .csv file. Alore first validates all email ids, also fetches missing data in uploaded .csv file. As data will keep on getting validated the same will keep on adding to your prospect list that has to be sent.

Step 3

Enter the maximum number of emails that can be sent out to prospects in a day. 

Step 4

Select the "Time Zone" based on the set of prospects that you have selected.

Step 5

Select "Delivery Time" to schedule when your drip campaign should start.

Draft your email

Column on the right helps you in drafting your mail.

Step 1

Name your Campaign.

Step 2

Enter the subject of the mail.

Step 3

Start drafting your mail. You can also personalize your content using options listed under "Personalization".

Add Follow Up emails

Step 1

Click on "Add Mail".


Step 2

Mail2 will be added to your campaign. It will be your first follow up mail that will be sent once all Mail1 has been sent and if there is no response for Mail1.

Enter the number of days after which your first follow up mail (Mail2) will be sent.


Step 3

Select "Delivery Time" to schedule your first follow up mail.


Step 4

Enter the subject of your mail and start drafting your second mail (first follow up mail).



You can keep on adding more mails and repeat steps 1-4 under the section "Adding follow up mails".



Your campaign has been created. You can:

  • Click on "Test Mail" and Alore will mail you a sample of Mail1 so that you can see if any further changes have to be made or not.
  • Click on "Save Draft" for later purpose.
  • Directly start you campaign by clicking on "Start Campaign".
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