Adding attachments to email templates in Alore CRM is as easy as adding an attachment to any email. The email templates come with an attachment section embedded. Use this section to add and remove attachments effortlessly just as you would use it in emails.

Step 1

Click on "A new Campaign" in the section "Send".

Step 2

Learn more about setting up your drip campaign.

Click on attachment section embedded in the tool bar.

Step 3

Select a mode through which you want to add an attachment.

a) Upload document

You can choose the various platform from where you can upload your document. Learn more on uploading documents in Alore CRM.

Click on "Upload" to upload a document from computer.

Select the document you want to upload and click "Open".

Your document will be attached to your email template.

b) Attach from existing list

Click on attachment section again, to attach more documents.

Click on "Add from existing list".

Document list screen will show up. 

You can search document name directly from search bar.

Or you can select from the given list.

Click on "Add attachment".

Your document will be attached to your email template.

Note: You may be anxious to know how these attachments to bulk email are saved and will the multiple copies of same attachment flood their databases. Here is the good news for you - the design of this feature ensures that only a single copy of attachment used in bulk email is saved and all email records in CRM refer to the same copy of the attachments.

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