You can have Yahoo! Mail create random passwords instead, one for each program that you want to use with your email account.

In case of integration with Alore CRM you can create random passwords by following simple steps discussed below:

Generating the password

Step 1

Login to your Yahoo! Mail account from

Step 2

Hover mouse over "Settings Icon" and click on "Account info"

Step 3

Open the "Account Security" category.

Scroll down and you see that your 2-Step verification is enabled.

Step 4

In this case, you have to generate an app password which can be used while we integrate Yahoo! Mail in Alore CRM.

Click on "Generate app password".

Step 5

Select the software for which you are generating a password under "Select your app".

If the application is not listed, choose Other App from the list.

Type the name (and platform maybe) of the program over Enter custom name.

Step 6

Click "Generate".

Step 7

Copy the password generated at once.

Note: Make sure you copy and input the application password listed under App passwords at once. You cannot see the password again.


Using generated password in integration

Step 1

Navigate to your Alore CRM account.

Click on "Setup Wizard".

Step 2

Hover mouse over "Mail Integration" and click on "Edit".

Step 3

Click on "Yahoo! Mail".

Step 4

Enter your user name and email id.

In the password field, paste the generated password from above section "Generating app password".

All other details like configurations will be auto-filled by Alore.

Step 5

Click on "Save".

Your Yahoo! Mail will be successfully integrated.

Note: You can always change your integrated mail through profile settings. 

Account Settings>Profile>Mail Integration>Edit.

It will redirect you to Step 3 of section Using generated password in Integration.

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