Each User in Alore CRM has a personal time zone setting. Even after setting up your account, you can anytime customize your time zone and business hours setting easily.

Setting up time zone

Step 1

Click on "Account Settings" and click "Profile".

Step 2

Scroll down and you will find a field "Time Zone".

Step 3

Click on the drop-down to select your time zone.

Alore will confirm that your settings have been changed successfully.


Setting up business hour

Step 1

Repeat Step 1 & 2 from section above "Setting up time zone"

Step 2

Click on "Here" mentioned in section "Business Hours".

Step 3

Enter working hours on daily basis.

Tick mark if you are available during lunch break, if not then ignore.

Step 4

Click on "Save".

Your business hours will be added to your profile.

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