Want to earn some free credits?!

Alore’s Referral program makes it easy for you where you refer it to your colleagues and friends and invite them to use Alore. For every valid email address you invite , you will get a free Alore credit.

Step 1

Click on "Refer & earn alore credits" under the section "Invite".

Step 2

Enter email address of the person you want to refer.

Click on "+" if you want to add multiple people.

You can also add contacts from your Google, Yahoo or Outlook account.

Step 4

Click "Send Invite".

Step 5

It will immediately give you an update on the number of people invite has been sent successfully, number of email addresses that were invalid and number of people whom you have already sent an invite.

Click "Ok".

Alore will send a short invitation mail to referred people, asking them to sign up.

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