Along with adding note or task, you can also add your events that you have to entertain. Example: meeting with decision makers, presentation with the board members of your prospect, etc.

Adding an event

Step 1

Click on "all prospects" under the section "View".

Step 2

Click on the prospect's profile you want to add a note.

Step 3

Click on "+" to view "add menu".

Step 4

Click on "Add Event".

Step 5

Enter your event name.

Step 6

Set the priority of your event from the drop down as low, medium or high.

Step 7

Set start date and time of the event.

Step 8

Set end date and time of the event.

Step 9

Select the current status of your event.

Step 10

Briefly, describe your event. 

Step 11

Tag your team mates to bring them in the loop.

Step 12

Click on "Save Event".

Your event will be added to your timeline.

Editing an event

Step 1

Repeat Step 1 & 2 from above section Adding an event.


Step 2

Click on "Expand arrow" next to the event that you have added to timeline

Step 3

Click on "Edit".

Step 4

Make changes based on your requirements and click "Update Event".

example: as I changed my current status of the event from scheduled to re-scheduled

Your edited event will be updated on the timeline.


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