People tend to forget that Twitter has more than 300 million active users - a rich repository to find prospect contact details.

Alore CRM provides you an easy way to add prospects through Twitter. In just 2 clicks you can search for the email address of the required person. 

We ensure that all emails are validated by our email server first, before handing over to you.

Step 1

Sign in to your Twitter account on 

Step 2

Go to the search bar and enter the name/username of the person.

Step 3

Go to their profile and click on the Alore Email Finder Extension Tool that you've added to your chrome menu bar. (If you have not yet added the tool, you can visit here to know how to install the extension tool or click here to install the tool).

Step 4

Alore Email Finder Extension Tool will start looking for the domain name associated with that person.

Step 5

Click "Save".
The email address will be fetched by our tool and once verified, the profile data will be added to your Alore prospect list.

Step 6

Navigate to your Alore account and open the prospect list. You will find your prospect added to the list.

Note: Alore Email Finder Extension Tool will display every email address found on the web associated with the domain name of the profile you're visiting.

For each email address, the extension will provide the sources where the email was found. But if the company domain is not associated with the person then it fails to find the email.

We also make sure that unless we have verified it, we do not share the email address with you.

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