Alore CRM gives you the option to search as well as validate business email addresses of people in bulk and add them to your prospect database. All you need to do is have the following three details saved in a .CSV format on your computer.

a) First Name

b) Last Name of the person (optional)

c) Email domain name of the company at which the work (in case of searching for the email address) OR Email ID (in case you want to validate the email ID)

(Note: While most of the time email domain name might be the same as the website address of the company, sometimes companies might use different domain names for its website and email addresses)

Before starting this process we recommend that you have the list of people ready for whom you want to search an email address. If you have already done it, you can skip this section. Alternatively, you can also do it later.


Preparing the CSV file

Step 1

You can download here
Or download within the CRM

Step 2

Fill in the following details under each of the respective columns. Ensure to match each column's header with the contact property.

a) First name of the person

b) Last name of the person (optional)

c) Email domain name of the company at which he works.

d) Email address of the person

Note: the email domain name can be in any format






Step 3

Ensure you do not change the header row of any of the columns. If you're already managing your contacts in .CSV or .XLS, copy the above three properties into the downloaded sample CSV file. Ensure to match each column's header with the contact property.

Step 4

Save the file in .CSV format on any location on your computer. Choose a suitable name for the .CSV file. (Example: CEO_ITES_COMPANIES_SINGAPORE). This will help you later while creating drip campaigns. 


Uploading the file to find email address in bulk 

Step 1

Click "a prospect" under the section "Add".

Step 2

Click on “Bulk Upload”.

Step 3

If you have the .CSV file ready, you can skip this step and go to Step 5.

If you do not have the .CSV file ready, click on “Download Sample CSV” and follow the section"Preparing the CSV file" above.

Step 4

Click “Uploadto add your CSV.

Choose the location on the computer where you have to save the .CSV file 

Click "Open".

Map the data fields to that of Alore data fields. Alore maps as many of your data fields as possible to standard Alore data fields. But if it can’t map fields, you must do it manually. Unmapped fields are not imported into Alore.

Click "Upload".

Alore keeps on updating you with the status of the bulk upload via emails:

List being uploaded: On completion of bulk upload, Alore will update you with an email “Your email list [list_name.csv] has been uploaded”.

Validation of email list: Alore will notify you with the number of emails validated and the number of emails found to be invalid.

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